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Your Digital needs all sorted. Leave the hard part to us.

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The best SEO website your business needs. Built by the best.

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We take your branding to a whole new level. Ready?

City Broadcast Limited is an African based Digital, Web Development and Branding firm, and a leading advisor on business strategy.

Our Ideal Clients

We work with startups, small & mid-size businesses who are looking to leverage professional services and marketing strategies to attract and develop more customers through smarter online marketing.

Experienced Team

Our team is well-versed in branding, digital marketing and web development, backed with decades of industry-specific expertise. We know our way around and are ready to jump right into the conversation.

Unique approach

We work with you every step of the way to ensure your business needs are met.

Our Work Process

Flexible and sprint-based. Get things done the best way in real time.

Be Involved

Collaborate on every stage of building your digital product or campaign.

Done Faster

We develop a process that’s right for you, and we share progress early and often.


We excel at responding to change in expectations over following a set in stone plan.